A scientist's brain, complete with eye-stalks, is found removed from his head without an incision or other damage to his skull. This seemingly impossible, horrific crime is the start of a series of events that takes insurance investigator Gillian on a wild adventure where nothing is as it seems and the impossible becomes possible.

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Nano-Plasm by Stephen Clarke-Willson, Ph.D.

Stephen Clarke-Willson has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. He has been immersed in computer technology for the past 20 years as a software architect, a game producer, and a game and multimedia programmer. Official Resume


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"I really enjoyed this book. It describes a world on the brink of discovering the potential of nano-technology. As such it feels like the spiritual predecessor to Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age". If you enjoyed "The Diamond Age" you will very likely enjoy this book."

- "Logopai"

"Between the cool nano-tech, an enjoyably over the top villain, and a special ops insurance agent, Nano-plasm is a good time not to be missed."

- Habib Lowe

"Stephen Clarke-Willson offers a compelling glimpse into the world of advanced nano-technology. It's fun to imagine the future potential of these little machines, and he provides a number of interesting examples of how they could be used - and, of course, how they could be misused. A cool protagonist (an insurance claims adjuster, of all things) and a smart plot make this a highly entertaining read. Fans of science fiction and adventure should definitely check this out."

- Jim Boer

"I had trouble putting this book down. It's a cinematic tour-de-force based around a technology that hasn't been milked to death in either movies OR books. I give Nano-plasm two thumbs up/five stars/90%."

- Jack Brummet

"...I hadn't planned on it but wound up reading it all in one sitting. there's plenty of cool tech and ideas here to keep your interest so if you enjoy science fiction, check it out!"

- Jim Scott

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"a Visionary look at the 'all to real' future of technology, it presents unique concepts bringing to light the power of nanites, running through the ancient veins of the human condition, bringing the real and surreal together."

- Will Moller

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Nano Plasm is a narrative scientific thought experiment with a lead character that interesting and easy to relate with. Which pretty well places it within my favorite type of sci fi. Much like Snow Crash, the action thriller aspect of the novel succeeds mostly as a way to add emotion and context to the scientific possibilities the reader is presented with. This is fiction that feels like it is all too possible.

- Kimbot

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Nano-Plasm: A Novel
By Stephen Clarke-Willson