2014 / 2015 Years in Review

The post before this one was one year ago, on 12/30/2013.

No blog activity for a year!  Almost like I'm still on blog vacation!

[Update:  not much during 2015 either!  But I did make a pass over many articles and clean them up because Squarespace borked a bunch of them.]

It's hard to write blog posts now that there is Facebook. I read a lot of RSS feeds every day and in olden times I would grab a quote from someone else's blog and then riff on it. Blogger made this very easy to do. Now Facebook makes it easy to reference a linked site, and I only feel obligated to post (at most) a one sentence snide remark, which is much easier than an entire blog entry. I later realized that I was posting too much political crap on Facebook, so I now post that to my Twitter feed; posting to Twitter encourages even shorter snide remarks!

And then strangely enough I posted some longer pieces in Facebook 'notes'! What was the point of that? I have no idea. They should have been posted here.

As I've said elsewhere, writing is a compulsion. I have at-most a few hundred people paying attention to anything I say, and probably inconsistently at that.  Little micro-posts to Facebook and Twitter seem to keep the writing compulsion under control but lately it feels like it's not enough of an outlet, so I've been cleaning up this site, behind the scenes, in preparation for real blogging.

I upgraded to Squarespace 6 (now 7) which effectively deleted a lot of old crap on the site and broke a lot of links. I'm slowly going through and fixing up old posts or deleting them. I have some really good posts that were only ever hosted as HTML pages from back in the day. I'll bring those back to life. I've been blogging since ... 1997?  Blogging is like photography: post enough (or take enough pictures) and occasionally something decent shows up. 

There was a stretch of time when I was really pissed about all of the bailouts. If I happen to have my tag-cloud displaying you can see that "Bailout" has more posts than anything. I mean, 12 billion dollars loaded onto a plane and flown to Baghdad and lost?  What's not to get pissed about? The corruption is only worse now but I'm less pissed off, so that's something.

Anyway, I'm getting 17 consecutive days off from work, and I've been spending almost all of it organizing terabytes of data here at home (and in the cloud).  Terabyte drives are a life-saver for me - it was so hard to track and organize my stuff on smaller drives.  Getting my assets together (heh, get it?) and cleaning up this site are my current focus.  Oh, and fixing and/or disposing of old hardware.  Oh, and cleaning up all of the wires and computer parts sitting on the floor of my home office.  "Off to the Best Buy recycling desk with you!"  It's so exciting when you order a gadget from Amazon and it arrives!  Talking yourself into taking an old dead gadget to Best Buy is harder and less fulfilling. 

So, here's to getting my data organized, and a happy 2015 to all!