One Page Resume

I've been doing a lot of recruiting recently and someone asked me if my resume fit onto one page.  No, it did not.  I thought it was two pages, but it was really 2 1/2.  So I took on the task of fitting it onto one page just like the books say.  I had to delete so much precious material!  But the result is pretty tight and to the point.

One place I added extra detail was in the consulting sections.  Consulting can be a euphemism for "unemployed".  So I listed my clients - yes, Virginia, I really was a consultant!

Since it's actually under a page now, I might add in my time as a paperboy for four years.  It shows stick-to-itiveness from an early age.

Check it out on the Resume tab.

(No, I'm not looking for a job.  I'm looking for more programmers for ArenaNet, which is what caused me to think about my own resume.)