I succumbed. I bought the Red vs. Blue DVD set.

The guy handling the money says, "Do you want it signed?"

"Sure," I say, "who's signing it?"

"The guy who plays Sarge," he says.

I yell, "Simmons!", doing my best Sarge imitation.

"No," he says, "Sarge." He stares at me a moment and says, "Debit or Credit?"

I give him my Yoda credit card and he doesn't notice!

"Hey," I say, "Just a moment, check out that card."

"Debit or credit?"

"No, the picture!"

"Hey, that's cool! I didn't know they had those. So, debit or credit?"

"Credit. Hey, get him to yell 'Simmons!'"

He says, "Simmons isn't here now."

"No," I say, "Get Sarge to yell 'Simmons!'"

He says to the voice of Sarge, "Hey, yell 'Simmons!'"

Voice of sarge says, "Simmons isn't here now."

"No," the cash handling guy says, "Just yell 'Simmons!'"

"What? Is that all?"

"Yeah, just yell 'Simmons!'"

"Okay," voice of Sarge says. "SIMMONS!"


And then cash handling guy says to voice of Sarge, "Hey, check out this guy's credit card! It's Yoda!"

Double awesomeness.

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