"All [previous] park operators contended that Walt's concept of a single entrance was faulty... Walt remained firm. He reasoned that people became disoriented when they entered by different gates. He wanted everyone to be channeled in the same way, to have their visit to Disneyland structured as part of a total experience.

"Throughout the planning [of Disneyland], a familiar Disney word, 'wienie,' was used. A wienie was a lure, an inducement, in the same way that an animal trainer used a frankfurter to evoke tricks from a dog act. In Disneyland, the castle served as the wienie to draw the people down Main Street. Then, when they reached the hub, two other wienies would attract them to the right or to the left. In Tomorrowland, it would be the towering Rocket to the Moon; in Frontierland, the Mark Twain steamboat."

From Walt Disney, An American Original, by Bob Thomas, page 263.

Some parts of Disneyland are more wienie-like than others, e.g., the rock formation above.  According to Disneyland lore, an earlier version of the mountain was a too wienie-like, if you get my drift, and had to be remodeled.

Anyway, check out my article on Disneyland Wienies and then put lots of tall pointy things into your next game.


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