North to the Future

I watched Shatner doing Palin today:

It's not clear from the editing if Shatner is doing Palin literally or following the editing of the clips.

I found the full transcript of Governor Sarah Palin's Farewell Address over at the Huffington Post and in fact Shatner is doing the second paragraph, word for word. So that mystery is cleared up.

But ... WTF? It's an amazing speech, really, if you give her the benefit of the doubt, and disable any critical thinking ... you might even enjoy some of her sentiments.

"Be wary of accepting government largess."

Good advice - there are always strings attached.

"And we have come so far in just 50 years. We're no longer a frontier outpost on the periphery of the world's greatest nation. Now, as a contributor and a securer of America, we can attain our destiny in the promise of our motto 'North to the Future.'"

North to the Future. North to the Future.


North ... to ... the ... future. Well, that's actually their motto! You can't blame her for that, can you?

Don't we need to go "Back to the Future" before we can go North to the Future?

I'm so confused.

But anyway, she'll be the backbone of the formation of the stream that is a river that I'm so thankful and grateful and will become a new political party and it will dominate because of the stream of babies it will produce.

Or something.

Actually, let's quit kidding around and jump straight to the facts. The facts are these: David Letterman and Conan O'brien have teamed up to underwrite Sarah Palin's political career. The reasoning should be obvious - the loss of revenue caused by the removal of Bush from office could cripple the humor industry and its only with this kind of stimulus that late night TV can retain it's rightful place as a part of every American's day.

Am I rambling? I'm just so inspired by Ms. Palin that whatever small amount of editing goes into this blog just seems like overkill.

Okay! G'night all!


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