Historic Brick Road in Redmond

Once again I was diverted from my normal path to work by tons of road construction. I turned off the main road onto the Historic Redmond Brick Road.  I turned on the GPS to get help getting back to the main route and I noticed that for the first time ever the color of the road in the GPS matched the actual color of the road!  So I snapped a photo.

My friend Colin thinks that there is so much road construction because of the stimulus money and I think he's right.  I've never seen road construction happen this fast in Washington.  When we first moved here I went back down to California on business and they had widened the Santa Ana Freeway by about eight lanes (with double car pool lanes) whereas in Washington they were still moving a little dirt around for an overpass.

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But now!  It's super construction time!  I guess the idea is to spend the stimulus money as fast as possible.  So all the roads are getting rebuilt.

You know what's cool about programming the GPS with places you already know?  You can just get off the beaten highway anytime and trust the GPS lady to talk you back to the main route.  This is really handy when you're stuck in traffic.  I love my TomTom GPS 125 - it was like $100.00 last Christmas.  The thing kicks ass.  And it's really useful right now when many of my regular routes are blocked.  w00t.

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