Professor Taylor wins Sigsoft Outstanding Research Award

press release @ the bren school of information and computer sciences:

Richard Taylor, Professor of Informatics and Director of the Institute for Software Research, was presented the 2009 ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (SIGSOFT) Outstanding Research Award at the International Conference on Software Engineering Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

The Outstanding Research Award annually recognizes an individual who has made significant and lasting research contributions to the theory or practice of software engineering.

Professor Taylor was my thesis adviser and I was his first Ph.D. student to graduate.

Congratulations Professor Taylor!

Check out what some of his other students have done:

Over the past decade, Taylor has guided a group of graduate students who have been instrumental in shaping the Web as it is today:
  • Roy Fielding is first author of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Specification (HTTP/1.1), which to this day governs how Web clients and servers interact.
  • Jim Whitehead spearheaded the development of WebDAV, an extension to HTTP that governs collaborative authoring and versioning over the Web, a protocol upon which such widely used products as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat rely every single day.
  • Justin Erenkrantz is the president of the Apache Foundation, famously responsible for free, superbly engineered implementations of the infrastructure components upon which the modern Web rests, including Apache.
That's a nice legacy.
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