Acceptance ... and Roadmap

I am less pissed about the bailouts and the coming inflation.  That's because I've passed from anger to acceptance.  And I've rearranged my life so the impact of various scenarios is as small as I can make it.  It is hard to innoculate oneself against such chaos since the timing is so random thanks to previously unheard of levels of market manipulation by the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the investment banks, the "regular" banks, the credit card companies, and the Obama stimulus money.

I'd love to tell you how to inoculate yourself but everyone's circumstances are so different I'm afraid you have to figure it out for yourself.

Just because I've crossed over to acceptance doesn't change that it's a cluster fuck of epic proportions. I think those of us that have "pre-panicked" are going to get through the next crash more easily than those that will be further shell shocked.

Still, I find I'm starting to post about more pedestrian things and taking more photos and such like.

Since the coming stages of the global clusterfuck are fairly well known I'll just post interesting roadmaps as I come across them.

This picture from Credit Suisse (which I found reading Calculated Risk) lays it out for you:

Click image for big picture.  Basically it says the current clusterfuck is scheduled out to around 2013; obviously it doesn't include any new clusterfuckness caused by further debt bubbles created by the Federal Reserve.

The next crash will be brutal because everyone thinks we're past the worst! That will make the next crash doubly depressing and really hard on everyone.

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