Hulu - Profitable?

Hulu Will Be Profitable "Very Soon," Says NBC CEO (CLIP) (GE):

"Jeff: We expect Hulu to be positive for us very soon. Again, head of of plan. It's exceeding every expectation.

Kara: Cash-flow positive?

Jeff: Absolutely.

Kara: It's not profitable at this point?

Jeff: Soon. Soon. But you know it's exceeded in every aspect. In every respect."

I've heard Hulu is profitable and Hulu is a sink hole. Apparently it is neither. It is cash positive. That's a big achievement and particularly notworthy as I don't think any other video streaming service has been cash positive! When Hulu launched I thought it was doomed to the same fate as all of its predecessors. But I was wrong on that one!

Congrats Hulu team.

On a similar subject... my family and I were treated to a barrage of advertising for new shows on Cartoon Network during the ad roll before Up, the new Pixar movie. I think all of the shows were reality TV shows. My son leans over and says, "How amazing is it that all of these new reality shows are going to be on a channel with the word 'cartoon' in its name?"
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