Intel - doing nothing quickly

Meet Intel, Software Maker and Rival to Microsoft -

As Renee J. James of Intel puts it, “You can’t just throw hardware out there into the world” without accompanying software.

I love it when Intel decides it needs yet another software initiative. "You can't just throw hardware out there into the world." Well, as a matter of fact, you can, and you have, and you will. There are more and smarter people working on ways to use Intel hardware outside of Intel than there will ever be inside of Intel. Intel needs to make sure their hardware is cheap. With better documentation.


It will be a first for Intel if this "Moblin" thing takes off. It's more likely to inspire smarter people outside of Intel to make a version of Linux for smart phones. Oh wait, ...

[Update 2009 05 28 ... Speaking of which, Intel announced the Nehalem bad-ass 8 core Xeon processor today.]

[Update 2009 05 29 ... Hey, no disrespect to Renee J. James; I've worked with a couple of former Intel software engineers and they were both terrific.]

[Update 2015 05 25 ... Moblin:  long gone:
Read Nano-Plasm - you know you want to.

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