Better Construction Pic

Another construction shot of downtown Bellevue. I used a tripod but even so my camera refused to focus properly. There's probably a way to get it to do what I want hidden away in some submenu. Also, to avoid any motion from touching the camera, I set the timer, so the vibration could settle down before the shutter opened.

You can tell it's a time exposure because the reflection in the water is blurred from the motion of the water.

A friend works for the city of Bellevue and he said that a couple of years ago there were 36 big cranes rented west of the Mississippi and Bellevue had 17 of them. Overall office occupancy rates are only down 5% which is absolutely great news because we can hope that the commercial real estate bubble deflation that is coming over the next year will have a "soft landing" in Bellevue (as the pundits like to say). Although, man, that's a lot of new office space. Luckily Microsoft seems focused on filling up a lot of it.

[Update: I guess all of the other cranes were in Las Vegas.]


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