60 days

King County Department of Assessments:

"The King County Department of Assessments January 1, 2008 valuation change notices were mailed to all property owners during 2008. The opportunity to appeal the value is limited by state law to 60 days from the mailing date of the notice."

Like I don't have better things to do than evaluate this evaluation as soon as it arrives. Also, this notice about the appeal rules is not on the form - it's on a website link on the paper form that looks extremely optional.


But on a happy note, back in California we successfully petitioned to get our house valuation lowered.

So it can be done. Just not within a reasonable time frame in King County.

[Update 2015 05 25 - Ha!  We petitioned to get our house valuation lower this year.  Nope!  The decision: "While the Appellant offered credible arguments and evidence, the Board finds the comparable sales adjusted for market timing and property differences demonstrate that the subject's assessed value falls within the indicated market range for the January 1, 2014, valuation date in question."  [Emphasis added.] Whazzat about time-adjusted?  "Values in the subject area have risen over the past 2 years and the time-adjusted sale prices show a clear trend."  Well, okay, but you know, adding a trend line isn't quite the same thing as assessing the value.]

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