Henry Paulson and Goldman Sachs


Market Skeptics: *****AIG pays 58 Billion to foreign firms since receiving taxpayer bailout*****:


"My reaction: Seems like AIG bailout overwhelmingly benefited:

A) Foreign firms (58 Billion)
B) Goldman Sachs ($12.9 Billion)

While I am sure that the German, Swiss, French and British readers of this blog are happy that the US taxpayer is subsidizing their financial system, I am not too happy about it. However, I am even less happy about the 13 billion received by Goldman Sachs. In fact, I am pretty upset.

The government official who led the charge to bailout out AIG with taxpayer money was US Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson. Now what do we find out? Goldman Sachs is the single biggest recipient of AIG/taxpayer funds."

That's our boy, Henry Paulson, one of my least favorite people in the world.

He was probably inspired by Paul Bremer, who somehow misplaced billions of dollars in Iraq.

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