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Jobs with ArenaNet - Bellevue, WA

We are actively looking for motivated people to join our team – if you’re looking to work with a talented group of game developers, we’d love to hear from you. Here are a few reasons why working at ArenaNet could be your dream job:

  • Complete creative autonomy; we make games we want to play.
  • Sustained, long-term financial backing; no “funding milestones”.
  • No suits; we are a company of passionate gamers and you can see it the moment you walk into the studio.
  • No “B” titles; we are ambitious and our games reflect it.
  • Laid-back, open air studio culture; no offices, no cubes, no halls.
  • A collaborative design environment; work shoulder to shoulder with the development leads from Guild Wars, StarCraft, Diablo and
  • People who work here are actually happy; if you know someone who works here, ask!
  • Strong engineering discipline; our code base is exceptionally clean, well structured, and stable.
  • No egos, no prima donnas, no rock stars; just people you respect and enjoy working with.
  • True work-life balance; we don’t just say it, we live it every day.
  • A firm goal to dominate the online gaming industry, and the expertise and resources to do it.

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