Upgrading your PS3 hard drive - what they don't tell you

The online tutorials I found for upgrading my PS3 hard drive were a huge help but most of them left out one crucial fact.

All tutorials mention the fact was that you need a FAT32 file system based external disk for doing the system backup but they don't tell you that you can't make one bigger than 32 gigabytes under XP. And XP will check the drive for about an hour before telling you it can't do it.

So you need a third party app to do the job. I ended up using (with some trepidation) Fat32Formatter and as far as I can tell it didn't add a key logger to my system.

But here's the thing ... why doesn't the PS3 have an option to format an external hard drive as FAT32? Then I wouldn't need a PC.

(The PS3 will format your new internal drive for you so don't worry about that.)

But eventually it all worked out and for a mere $65.00 I went from 40 gigabytes to 320 gigabytes. w00t.

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