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I posted the following feedback at the site:


As the number of cores increases, we need Process Explorer and similar tools to display the CPU usage in a more readable format.  I would propose that the first core go half way up the graph and all remaining cores be scaled such that if all cores are 100% busy then the graph looks to be full.  Ideally this would exponential so if two cores are busy, the graph is 3/4 full, and three cores is 7/8ths full, then 15/16ths, and on until the final core fills the last little bit left (depending on the number of cores this might be just 1/32nd or such).

This will solve the problem where you have 16 cores and a process is pegged at 100% of one core but the graph is so small you won't be able to even see it.


-- Stephen Clarke-Willson

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