The End of Global Warming

The Strata-Sphere » Reformation In The Church Of Al Gore/IPCC?:

"Now another IPCC group has come out and proven that the Ocean water temperatures can be shown to have caused the global warming we have seen recently - not CO2 (man-made or otherwise). What this group did was run those models at the Church of Al Gore/IPCC which keep screaming “the world is going to end unless you pay high taxes on energy” on their outputs but with a different set of assumptions. They DELETED the CO2 factor and just ran them with Ocean Temperature measurements. Guess what happened?

The models reproduced the historic trends that we have seen for the last few decades..."

In the comment section someone suggests that Global Warming will die a silent death - we just won't hear about it again. I suspect that will be the case, especially with everyone's attention turned to economics.
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