Scott Adams Blog: Glucose Equals Free Will 12/30/2008

Scott Adams Blog: Glucose Equals Free Will 12/30/2008:

"I always need to eat something before I attempt writing or else nothing comes out. I eat exactly one banana before I write a blog post, and one chocolate Clif Builder's bar before writing a comic. I always assumed this was just a combination of ordinary hunger plus a habit that borders on OCD. The only thing I knew for sure was that deviating from the routine seriously impeded my productivity.

Recently a reader sent me a link about a writer who has the same experience but better research to explain why. The bottom line is that writing requires will power to avoid distraction, and will power is correlated with your glucose levels. In other words, your free will is actually sugar."

Try programming! You'll want a snack right away.

Then try multi-threaded programming! You'll want a bigger snack!

Then write some code that runs for eight months while handling world-wide internet outages!

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