Comcast 250 Gigabytes per Month Limit

Comcast to Cap Data Transfers at 250 GB in Oct. - News and Analysis by PC Magazine

Comcast has confirmed that all residential customers will be subject to a 250 gigabyte per month data limit starting October 1.

"This is the same system we have in place today," Comcast wrote in an amendment to its acceptable use policy. "The only difference is that we will now provide a limit by which a customer may be contacted."

The cable provider insisted that 250 GB is "an extremely large amount of data, much more than a typical residential customer uses on a monthly basis."

Luckily we're topping out at about 100 gigabytes a month. Most of it is YouTube and "Let's Play" videos. Once Netflix starts streaming over Xbox 360 we might see another bump.

Amusingly, Comcast is not providing any tools so customers can tell how much bandwidth they are using! Luckily for me, I have DD-WRT (now installed in three routers), which is on the job.

One funny thing that Comcast loves to emphasize in the FAQ that this policy will affect less than 1% of their customers. Well, 1% of millions is 10s of thousands, which is still a lot of people!

But I'm cool with it. If we become serious resource hogs we can always buy another pipe from someone else, like Verizon.

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