TSA employee climbs up fuselage of plane

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"They're the government... and remember, they're here to help. A bumbling inspector with the Transportation Safety Administration apparently has some explaining to do, after nine American Eagle regional jets were grounded at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Tuesday.

Citing sources within the aviation industry, ABC News reports an overzealous TSA employee attempted to gain access to the parked aircraft by climbing up the fuselage... reportedly using the Total Air Temperature (TAT) probes mounted to the planes' noses as handholds.

'The brilliant employees used an instrument located just below the cockpit window that is critical to the operation of the onboard computers,' one pilot wrote on an American Eagle internet forum. 'They decided this instrument, the TAT probe, would be adequate to use as a ladder.'"

My question - why was this guy trying to climb into the plane? The TSA says it was to check if the doors were locked!


TSA, however, strongly defended its inspector's actions, noting in a statement that he was able to gain interior access to seven of the nine aircraft he inspected, which was an "apparent violation of the airline's security program." TSA said it encourages its inspectors to look for such vulnerabilities and after reviewing the inspection results, the agency "could take action against the airline, up to and including levying civil penalties."
I suspect he could throw a rope ladder up over the plane and get access too.

Back to the original article:

In this case, ANN strongly recommends and encourages the criminal prosecution of this so-called inspector and his immediate supervisors... it is a matter of time before one of these morons does something stupid and gets someone killed... and with the way these incidents are occurring, we believe it is a virtual certainty that a TSA "Inpector" will hurt or kill someone in such a manner. No kidding.

What does TSA stand for? Terrorists Support Administration?
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