Kaizo Mario World LP - Special Stage 2 - First Time

The site Let's Play" has recordings of people playing video games. It is responsible for the massive increase in bandwidth usage at our house.

This video contains a massive amount of swearing: Kaizo Mario World LP - Special Stage 2 - First Time. I have been known to swear this much.

My kids were watching it and brought it my attention. My thirteen year old boy says, "Who's Bill Cosby?", who is referenced in the video. I can't explain it. "He had a TV series," I say. And he says, "And?" I guess having a TV series is not notable enough. *Sigh*.

My favorite line in the video is, "I'm enjoyed myself today. I guess I'm going to have to say 'F*&* YOU' more." Really, it's funny, watch the 18 minute long recording of this guy's torture, and you'll find out for yourself. And then, if your children find out about it, they will increase your bandwidth usage by about 10 gigabytes a day. I'm not fucking kidding. 10 GIGABYTES. A DAY.

If Comcast succeeds in limiting usage, I am screwed, and I will be using words like the guy in the video uses.

A note about the video: it's made by video taping an emulator. So the guy can restore the complete game state at any time, including his motion. He saves a zillion times in order to make it through the level. The actual level is a "ROM Hack" where the level has been altered by, in this case, a sadistic bastard, or more generally, just someone who wants to make a level. Most ROM Hacks are hard, my seventeen year old tells me, because you're expected to play on an emulator.

I remember an old argument about game saves. The argument, which was wrong, was that everytime you saved your game, especially in Doom and Quake, you were removed from the immersiveness of the game. I thought, "WRONG!" Saving and restoring is a huge part of the game! It defines the gameplay! Games were you don't die, and just generally get your health back are okay too, but sometimes the life/death cycle is part of the game, and should be respected.

And then there is Kaizo Mario World, where respect has nothing to do with anything at all.

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