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While at Walt Disney World this past September, I was told that Ub Iwerks' name was pronounced to rhyme with tub. I had assumed it rhymed with "you be." Which is correct, or are both depending on which spelling is used, Ubbe or Ub?
- Marc, 65, Broken Arrow, OK
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The first name of Walt's friend and key animator in the 1920s, Ub Iwerks, is indeed pronounced to rhyme with tub. However, Ub is a nickname for his full name Ubbe. Ubbe is pronounced to rhyme with tubby. Iwerks is pronounced eye-works.

I'd always heard his name was pronounced "U-B". Now we know the definitive answer.

BTW, this article came from the Disney Insider email I get from Disney. And I just pasted it into blogger and the formatting and the image copied right over! Since when did that start working!? Awesome.

(I think the image worked because it is a link and not embedded. Still, pretty cool.)

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