“Cuil” is anything but - Veronica Belmont

“Cuil” is anything but - Veronica Belmont

First of all, my own website didn’t even show up on the first page of results (on Google, it’s the first result). The weirdest part were the seemingly random images associated with the results. My LinkedIn page, for example, shows a still taken from a video interview I gave over a year ago that isn’t even mentioned on my LinkedIn page. The Cranky Geeks result has the old album art for The Sword and Laser, my sci-fi/fantasy book club’s podcast.

Gotta agree with her comments! The site needs work.

And this (which she quotes from elsewhere):

On one discussion thread started by Jim Goldstein on FriendFeed, commenter Jared (W.) Smith says:

This picture thing treads incredibly dangerously. Think of the potential misappropriation claims when someone’s photo is randomly associated with an article about, say, a person with a similar name committing a violent crime. Cuil needs to stop the practice. I found my LinkedIn profile with a completely random picture of a person who was nowhere near the profile. Not cool.

Yup! The picture matchups are weird and erroneous!

I hope these guys haven't blown their two minutes of internet fame 'cause Google really does need some competition.

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