Wow - who knew? Microsoft Windows on 2,048 processors

Microsoft Tests Speedy New HPC Server: "

"We employed the unmodified HPL code to solve a linear system with 681,984 unknowns in a little over 3 hours at an average speed of more than 18,000,000,000,000 floating point operations per second," the spokesperson said. "The program had a total memory footprint of almost 4TB.

"The cluster consisted of 256 compute nodes equipped with two new quad-core Intel Xeon E5450 processors running at 3GHz clock speed each. All nodes are connected with each other by a fast InfiniBand fabric with a 288-port switch from Cisco Systems. The cluster nodes were built by Fujitsu Siemens," he said.

Amos said trials are ongoing in the HPC Server 2008 group and that Microsoft will continue to ramp up its R&D in the high-performance computing space."

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