The Greatest Player Piano in the World!

When I was a wee-lad (16 years old actually) my Mom and I bought an old 1910 Aeolian Grand Upright Piano for $450.00 at a garage sale. It barely worked. Over a two year period I rebuilt the insides with the help of my neighbor Ken Woodworth who owned a piano store in Santa Ana, CA. He bought all of the supplies for me!

I taught myself to play ragtime on that piano by slowing down the playback and studying the keys. (I also went to Disneyland each weekend to watch Rod Miller play. In that case, I was watching his fingering but upside down and backwards, since I was looking over the top of the piano.)

The outside of the piano had been painted puke green/yellow. When I moved out from my parents house I sold the Piano to my friend Jeff Rhoads. He stripped off the puke-paint and refinished the piano. He later sold it to a friend of his in Oregon, where it lives today.

Ahh.... that piano had a really smooth action.

Jeff found a picture of the piano for me - the only picture I have:


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