Cind-E Ship

Wall*E is coming soon from Pixar.

Before Wall*E was Cind-E, which stands for "Computer Intelligence, Non-Determinstic-Experimental", and was the name of a game project I undertook after leaving Virgin Interactive.

Cind-E is a robotic ship with a mind of her own.

I'm not an artist, but in 1997 I made a crude sketch of how I though the ship could look:

Stephen's drawing of the Cind-E Ship

(Click image for bigger view.)

In 2002 (I think), Wes Griswold made a beautiful 3D rendering:

Wes Griswold's CGI rendering of the Cind-E ship

(Click image for bigger view.)

I spent a lot of money trying to get this project off the ground as a game, and when things fell through, I made this T-Shirt:

500K and all I have to show for it is this lousy T-Shirt?

It was actually more like $600K but I thought that using a round number was funnier. When I would run into successful game makers while wearing the shirt they would laugh. When I would run into struggling game makers they would get a pained look on their face.

To be fair, I have more to show than a T-Shirt, although most of it is internalized as hard lessons learned. But I also learned to do PC graphics and drive Alias Poweranimator and do a lot of other things. And I still have the movie screenplay which I shop around once in awhile.

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