No Agenda - Greatest Rantcast EVAR!

No Agenda, a podcast by Adam Curry and the Headcrank John Dvorak, has increased in listenership from 10,000 to 25,000 since I last wrote about it.

If you want to check out the show, you should listen to number 28, which you can easily get on iTunes. The guys are in rare form and it's an almost two-hour rant about everything. At about 24:30 into the show, they go off about jails and Wesley Snipes and taxes and "Hollywood Bitches" and such, and it's hilarious.

Have fun.

P.S., I have applied for a trademark on "Rantcast", so you can't use it in any conversations. Oh wait, I just Googled it, and tons of people have used it before. Shit.

Also - if you listen to the end, Adam Curry explains the entire business model of podcasting for you. Even better - he mentions that Cali Lewis of has viewership numbers that are typically 2 million a month, with spikes up to 20 million!

And Adam also explains how back in the day, maybe 3,000 people at a time were watching MTV. Now it's double that. Heh.

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