A summary of The Lame List

The Lame List is a list of networking errors that (apparently) a number of early Windows applications would make.

I have summarized the list below, with some details omitted:

Inexcusably lame.
Dog lame.
Mired in a sweaty mass of lameness.
Nauseatingly lame.
Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame.
Violently lame.
Uncontrollably lame.
Totally lame.
Intensely lame.
In all my years of observing lameness, I have seldom seen something this lame.
Thrashing in a sea of lameness.
Universally lame.
Pushing the lameness envelope.
Glaringly lame.
Profoundly lame.
Floundering in an endless desert of lameness.
Suffocating in self lameness.
Perilously teetering on the edge of a vast chasm of lameness.
Mind bogglingly lame.
Inconceivably lame.
Festering in a pool of lameness.
Self abusively lame.
Words fail to express such all-consuming lameness.
Grossly lame.
Exceeds the bounds of earthly lameness.
Criminally lame.
Sinking in a morass of lameness.
Stooping to unspeakable depths of lameness.
Seeping lameness from every crack and crevice.