TiVo predicts Idol losers

TiVo predicts losers:

Entertainment blog TMZ reports that TiVo has hit on sure way to predict who's going to win -- and who's going to lose -- the biggest contest in the land. Yes, I'm talking about "American Idol."

TiVo anonymously monitors usage statistics in a pool of 20,00 of its users. The company can tell when viewers replay an "Idol" contestants' songs, and when viewers skip over it. Replaying, obviously, is a good sign. If people are fast-forwarding through your songs, you're going home.

TMZ says TiVo has predicted the "Idol" loser for four weeks straight. And tonight, TMZ says, TiVo's method predict that 24-year-old Syesha Mercado is going home.

Well, that came out wrong - it was Michael Johns who was blind-sided by the vote. But I think this corroborates my hypothesis that except for David Cook, the overall vote is very close each week.

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