Veronica Belmont leaves Mahalo Daily

Dembot - Veronica Belmont Has Been Freed!

Her time at Mahalo was short and sweet.

BTW, I heard the news on Andrew Baron's twitter feed (which is now [update: no longer] for sale on eBay and for which said sale is generating a lot of comments). I don't think Andrew Baron likes Jason Calacanis (money guy at Mahalo) 'cause Andrew is always harping on Mahalo.

I've subscribed to (excuse me, "followed") a number of Silicon Valley "personalities" and it's like subscribing to the greatest gossip channel in the world.

I enjoyed Mahalo Daily and it certainly satisfied the goal of bringing attention to Mahalo.

Now Mr. Calacanis is running a Mahalo Idol competition for a new host - that's brilliant. Too bad there are zero video submissions so far. (Update: about 50 people signed up and the finals are underway now, 2008 05 21.)

I obviously think Veronica is a mega-talent and I hope her next gig(s) (one of them is Tekzilla) is awesome.

Apparently she left the show because she still lives in Northern California but the show is produced in Los Angeles.

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