American Idol - iTunes Popularity

So, I've got my own system for predicting how American Idol will end up, which consists of checking iTunes to see how our Idols are doing.

David Cook is still number one in popularity with Billie Jean.

Next up is David Archuleta with Angels.

And in third is Jason Castro with Hallelujah.

David Archuleta is in fourth with Imagine.

Michael Johns, who was just voted out, sadly, is fifth with It's all Wrong but It's all Right.

Brooke White is sixth with Let It Be, which I think is fantastic.

David Cook's popularity is significantly higher than the others, so as long has he is consistent he will win. If you can be as popular as Michael Johns and still get voted out then I think we can assume that most of the votes are pretty close and this is a very competitive season.

I've bought the following Idol performances from iTunes, and here I've ranked them according to how much I like them:

Let It Be
You're the Voice (David Archuleta)
God Bless the USA (Kristy Lee Cook)
You're so Vain (Brooke White)

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