Bigfoot and Image Stabilization

NASA Image Stabilization


Shake, Rattle and Zoom: VISAR, the newest NASA spin-off, steadies our vision.

The second article says

Created through the efforts of a solar physicist and a meteorologist, VISAR is an example of how science that often seems distant or obscure ends up being used to solve familiar, everyday problems. Soon anyone will be able to use VISAR to turn out clearer, steadier videos. Thanks to VISAR, people subjected to watching someone's home movies may no longer have to wish they'd brought the Dramamine.

But so far I can't find a consumer version of this very handy tool. I think there are a lot of people that would be happy to have their home movies stabilized to this degree of quality.

(Check out the quicktime movie of how the bad zoom is removed.)

Along these lines is the stabilized GIF of Big Foot (click link for bigger picture). I believe this was stabilized by hand. There's more about it at Big Foot Encounters.

(Talk about thinking outside the box ...)