If you do a Google Search for hemmorrhoidectomy you'll find an item in the middle of the first page called "Fun with Above the Garage Productions." If you click that link, you'll find a funny story.

I guess I'm honored that my story rates as high as it does when someone is interested in learning about a hemmorrhoidectomy. I learned the hard way.

I've actually had two. The second one was the most painful thing in my life. This time it didn't get infected, but it kept bleeding, I think because the doctor sewed it up wrong. I think he turned me into a tight-ass. I guess that's better than a second asshole, as in the first article. Anyway, it's bleeding, and he bends me over on his torture table, and he sticks silver nitrate on the wound, which is an acid that is used to encourage wounds to heal themselves. It feels exactly like someone shoved a red hot poker up your ass. And that wasn't the most painful part. I can't tell you about the most painful part because it's too embarrassing but it had to do with the first time I was able ... oh, nevermind.

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