The Star Spangled Banner

Jordan Sparks Sings the Star Spangled Banner

This was the first time I heard Jordan Sparks sing. She's good!

I still get a tear in my patriotic eye when someone does a good job and hits that high note (assuming they even try).

The American Idols haven't been so great lately. They are missing "it". I've only watched one full season before - the one with McPhee and Taylor Hicks.

Kelly Clarkson has "it." Wow. This season, which I'm watching, the Idol team is working hard on getting a real pop superstar out of the whole process. And they are also focusing on the story telling. And the story telling is what makes Idol great. When you hear someone's pathetic upbringing and then they get a ticket to Hollywood... Wow. Those are killer moments.

The girl to beat this year is Cady someone, who can sing in any style, and imitate anyone, and is dripping in confidence.

Go Cady What's-your-name!

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