Thomas L. Friedman is naive and silly

Op-Ed Columnist - Rescue the Rescue - Op-Ed -

"This is a credit crisis. It’s all about confidence."

Dude - confidence comes from reality. If these dumb-ass companies hadn't leveraged themselves 10 to 1 then there would be plenty of confidence to go around. You can't just tell people to be confident because that will somehow "fix" the credit crisis.

"Yes, Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke need to accept strict oversights and the taxpayer must be guaranteed a share in the upside profits from all rescued banks. But other than that, give them the capital and the flexibility to put out this fire."

Sure. Just like the Congress gave Bush authority to invade Iraq on the assumption that power would be used wisely.


Mr. New Age also says:

"We’re all connected. As others have pointed out, you can’t save Main Street and punish Wall Street anymore than you can be in a rowboat with someone you hate and think that the leak in the bottom of the boat at his end is not going to sink you, too. The world really is flat. We’re all connected. “Decoupling” is pure fantasy."

Maybe that asshole made the leak and he's making it bigger. Throw that fucker overboard.

We're going to be more connected when I have to pay another $5,000 on top of all the other debt my government is carrying to bail these fuckers out. We're going to be connected by my $5,000.00.

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