Paulson is a Christian Scientist. Shit.

Hank Paulson's Secret Life - January 12, 2004:

"By choice, the Paulsons are not part of the high-society whirl of CEO-dom. 'We aren't very social,' says Paulson. 'We've never joined a country club.' In their free time they often head for exotic places like Belize and Brazil to see wildlife. Paulson's particular favorites are birds and animals of prey: 'I'm fascinated because they're at the top of the food chain.' If they're healthy, he adds, the ecosystem is healthy. When he handles creatures such as raptors, snakes, and spiders, he seems completely unfazed--and some connect that courage to Paulson's religion. 'Christian Science is a religion in which you emphasize love as opposed to fear,' he says, adding, 'I think fear in young kids is the biggest inhibitor to success.'"

Says the man peddling more fear than Osama bin Laden.

You know, since there isn't really a crisis, but our government is scaring us to death about another Great Depression, then when this bailout is passed, and the crisis fails to materialize, then Paulson will take credit for avoiding the crisis that never really existed.

It looks like a Win-Win for Paulson to me.

Did you know that H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, two of Nixon's main henchmen, were Christian Scientists?
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