SpongeBob Attacked!

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Serious Games Initiative co-founder Ben Sawyer has a beef with games aimed at young children that use licensed characters such as 'SpongeBob SquarePants' but that add little with regard to the quality of the gameplay.

The SpongeBob games I played were good. I have to disagree with this guy.
"They're all the same; only the licenses are different. The gameplay craftsmanship is simply phoned in."

He's wrong there too. I know lots of people that work on kids' games and it's a ton of work. (I myself have worked on kids' games.) There's nothing "phoned in" about it.

He should try making one before he makes such a judgment.

As I've said before, adapting a character from another medium into a game is every bit as reasonable as adapting a screenplay from another medium. It takes a lot of craft.

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