As Scripts Run Out, Reality Kicks In

Lisa de Moraes - As Scripts Run Out, Reality Kicks In -

'All these people walking the picket lines give us failed shows,' noted the anonymous exec. 'Overwhelmingly -- 94 percent of what we get from these people never sees the light of day, and what does make it to air, most of it fails. Why are we doing this? Why spend all this money?'

Yup. That's how the big guys think. It's not a good time to be a writer for a large corporation right now.

I've been watching Letterman, Leno, Stewart, and Colbert, to see how they are doing. Letterman's show is the same old thing so I stopped watching.

The other guys are doing a great job winging it! I find it fairly entertaining and Leno is correct that the shows are looser and more fun.

One idea I had was that Leno, Stewart, and Colbert could hire their writers as janitors or something and then sit around the break room and crack jokes, without writing anything down. That would help stimulate ideas for the night's show. Although, really, these guys are doing a great job writing their own jokes.

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