Movie Rentals should be 30 hours ...

Apple Unveils Movie Rentals and Thin Notebook - New York Times:

The new iTunes Movie Rental service, available immediately as a free software update, is offering movies newly released on DVD for download at $3.99 and movies from the rental library for $2.99. Customers have 30 days to view a movie after they have rented it, but only 24 hours to view it completely once they started it. A movie can be moved between devices, such as Macs, TVs and iPod.

Jobs missed an opportunity here. It's silly to have 24 hour rental periods. If you want to watch a movie over two nights, an hour each night, you would have to start watching an hour earlier to finish before the rental runs out. This 24 hour thing is "retarted", as the kids say.

Jobs could have shown how in-touch he was with actual viewers by setting the rental period to 30 hours which is much more user friendly.

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