Toshiba Launches HD DVD Player Fire Sale

DailyTech - Toshiba Launches HD DVD Player Fire Sale

Toshiba apparently doesn't want to go down without a fight and is instead slashing the prices on its HD DVD players. Toshiba's second generation HD-A2 players previously dipped down to the sub-$100 mark during November -- but that was during the traditional holiday buying season and not truly indicative of regular retail pricing.

Now, Toshiba's third generation 1080i-capable HD-A3 is selling for a mere $139.98 on The 1080p-capable HD-A30 is not much more expensive at $179.98. For the price of an Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on, consumers can now purchase a fully-fledged set top box with 1080p support.

It's getting interesting! Although ... who would buy one if there's nothing to watch?

And what about Microsoft's stupid pricing on the Xbox 360 add-on? That thing should be about $90.00.

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