DailyTech - "300" Outlines HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc Differences

DailyTech - "300" Outlines HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc Differences

HD DVD outshines Blu-ray Disc with a better version of "300"

This week’s home video movie releases will bring with it a disc that will clearly outline the differences in feature sets of HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. “300,” released on Tuesday, hits the market on high-definition with unequal releases.

The rights to “300” belong to Warner Home Video – a studio that backs both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc – but the studio has graced the HD DVD version with several exclusive features that currently can be found nowhere else.

Blu-Ray has been in the news recently because Blockbuster has started renting Blu-Ray disks. But HD-DVD players are outselling Blu-Ray by a considerable margin. There are HD-DVD players now for $249 and that will be even lower this Christmas.

Read the article for details on how the HD-DVD spec is actually implemented in current hardware while the Blu-Ray interactivity spec is still in development and not widely used.