The next "it" girl

JetSet is another fun video/web survey show (although I could do without the cooking episode at the end which was half of the show). Sadly, the host, who is good, is not the next "it" girl.

At about 45 seconds in a quick shot of Veronica Belmont of and the best five seconds of video on the Internet.

A few years ago I was looking at Rachel Ray on a magazine cover with my wife and I said, "I think Rachel Ray almost has 'it'." It turns out I was wrong - she definitely has "it." With Oprah's help, she has one of the richest TV talk show deals in existence.

Now, I happen to think that Veronica Belmont has "it" and is going to be a HUGE star. I'm amazed she hasn't been stolen from CNET. It's not just that she's cute - there are millions of cute girls (I know, she's not a girl anymore). She has "it" - that certain hard to define charisma that just blasts through on video.

Oprah - get to work getting Veronica into the big time.

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