LOST-Spoilers & Discussion

Holy Cow - A giant list of Lost Podcasts

For me, half of the fun of Lost is listening to podcasts about it. Lost is in trouble because the show is just too freakin' complicated. The ratings are down - but supposedly the number of people watching the show, all at once, in order, (via iTunes or the DVD releases) has compensated for the low ratings somewhat (although that doesn't help the advertisers much). If I didn't listen to these podcasts then I wouldn't know what was going on because there are just too many characters and too many relationships and the story is unveiled over too much time.

The Official Lost Podcast is a lot of fun because Damon and Carlton, the Executive Producers, are a couple of goofballs and reveal bits of information in a very entertaining way. Luckily I can brief my wife on key facts because without those key facts the show doesn't make too much sense - although my wife says it is entertaining anyway.

Someday (at least three years from now!) I'll watch the whole series again on DVD. I think it will be pretty cool.

The next three seasons will only have 16 shows each. I think this is brilliant, because the show is the single most costly show on TV now. Cutting from 22 to 16 shows cuts the overall risk for ABC and also lets the writers spend more time on each episode and really clean up the lose ends for us. It's a big break between seasons but I'm hoping it's worth it.