Amazon Unbox on TiVo

I tried out Amazon Unbox for TiVo. I have a $15.00 promotional credit. You can 'buy' a movie for $15.99 or rent for $3.99. I have a policy against buying movies, simply because they take up too much space, virtually and in real-life. Between Netflix, DVD Overnight, the local Blockbuster and Hollywood Video stores, Movielink, and just plain borrowing a DVD from a friend, there are plenty of ways to get content without having to store it permanently at home. Did I mention Pay-Per-View? Comcast On-Demand? HBO? Cinemax? The 500 other cable channels?

So, I rented Idiocracy as my first unbox experiment. The video quality was good - better than the TiVo can record off Comcast. The sound is stereo - not Dolby - but sounded good. I didn't think much of the movie though. I like Mike Judge but this movie was a single joke repeated over and over.

Our second test was The Devil Wears Prada which was a much better film.

And then I forgot about the service.

Luckily I get an email once a week or else I would completely forget about it. The Amazon "download" email reminded me that I had forgotten all about Amazon Unbox for TiVo.

I still have two movie rentals worth of credit left, and I will eventually use them.

But I think the moral of the story is ... holy crap, there are a lot of ways to get movie content these days. Sometimes we even go to a movie theatre.

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