Single Pixel ... NOT

Camera Reconstructs Image from Single Pixel: Scientific American:

Camera Reconstructs Image from Single Pixel

I am disappointed with Scientific American. Repeating this claim that an entire picture is made from a single pixel is retarded. Later in the article it says,

The positions of the mirrors are randomly reassigned up to tens or hundreds of thousands of times, creating a series of randomly varying light intensities.

I hate to tell the people at Scientific American that a sequence of hundreds of thousands of samples is not a single pixel. It is the same as hundreds of thousands of pixels. A single pixel, by definition, is a single picture element. A hundred thousand picture elements, even those derived using a statistical algorithm, and sample over a period of time, is still a hundred thousand pixels.

And the light intensities are not random. Duh.


(Also, the statistically generated picture doesn't look so great.)