Happy Pi Day

I've noticed some people have started writing dates with "periods" instead of slashes or dashes.

That would make today 3.14, or Pi day.

Here's an article about Pi day (and it notes that at 1:59 it will 3.14159 [and I should point out that at one moment in there it will be the true value of Pi, whatever that is, accurate to infinity decimal places]).

Today you can eat a slice of pizza, raise a toast with a piña colada, or just reflect for a moment on 3/14 at 1:59 p.m. to celebrate the most irrational holiday of the year: Pi Day. The observance commemorates the first few digits of one of the oldest known constants, 3.14159 ... and it also happens to coincide with Albert Einstein's birthday, which makes today a doubly cool day for science geeks. So what else can you do to celebrate?

Happy Pi Day

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