The new launched. It's full of streaming video.

I signed up to be notified when Amazon's Unbox Video Service is available for TiVo - the entire process will occur without a computer as an intermediary. And you can delete movies you've bought with Unbox and redownload them - something (last I checked) iTunes didn't allow. (With iTunes you can watch movies you've 'bought' on multiple computers, but you can only download them once (cheap bandwidth bastards), so you have to copy them around yourself.

Of course, Rocketboom is delivered daily to my TiVo, except most days, when it doesn't work.

CNet's Tips for Digital Living is reliably downloaded to my TiVo once a week and I find it very entertaining and just the right length of time (15 minutes).

I'm making an attempt at watching a complete TV series online - Heroes. NBC tends to screw it up a lot so it's been difficult. There is a link that says "Missed an episode? Watch them all online now" but you can't because not all of them are online. Even the link to the most recent episode was broken yesterday - I had to watch the version with "cast commentary" with the volume of the commentary turned way down.

The NBC streaming video is not as compelling as standard def television and even less compelling than high def television, but there are fewer commercials, and you can catch up on the story. NBC really should have all episodes available though - that would be the way to get people on-board who have heard the buzz but don't want to start in the middle of a series.

Broadband FTW!

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