DailyTech - Blu-ray Total Sales Surpass HD DVD

DailyTech - Blu-ray Total Sales Surpass HD DVD:

The launch of the PlayStation 3 helps explain Blu-ray’s increased pace, though Ken Graffeo, head of HD DVD affairs at Universal Studios Home Entertainment—an HD DVD-only supporter—isn’t convinced in Sony’s console sway. “Given that the life-to-date title sales ratios are close to 1:1, and given that Blu-ray has a 5:1 ratio right now on the hardware side due to the PS3, why aren’t Blu-ray software sales outpacing HD DVD by a similar ratio?” he asked. “In fact, HD DVD players continue to have an attach rate (life-to-date) that is more than five times that of Blu-ray players.”

I repeat: Blu-Ray is doomed. BTW - guess how much an HD-DVD drive costs to manufacture? $79.00.