User Comments for Azurik: Rise of Perathia (Xbox)

User Comments for Azurik: Rise of Perathia (Xbox)

Azurik: Rise of Perathia
by Xbox

Vote Now!The average user rating for this Game is 8.4 out of 10 (based on 12 Votes).

Tony J. gave it a 3:
As commented in the reviews, formulaic and predictable. Possibly the least dynamic or exciting collect-em-up ever created. Whoever it was that compared it with Zelda must've had their eyeballs in back to front. This game just makes me want to fall asleep to avoid the monotony of hammering the A button to defeat poorly animated foes, assuming I can even see them in some of the pitch black and disorientating tunnels. A truely lackluster title with laughable voice acting and a cringe inducingly contrived plot (if you can call it that). The mission in the game is to retrieve some discs. Personally I shall be doing my utmost to lose this particular one.

Jimmi A. gave it an 8:
I dont understand the critics about this game. Have they play it for a while, if they have, what do they missed ? OK ! The graphic is not 100%, but frome that time it´s still great. The controll worked very good indeed, and you can handle the cameras like Halo ! If you like different Adventuregame like Zelda in 3D, give it a shance. Not only a couple of hour, littele longer and you are stuck in the game.

Sam C. gave it a 10:
Fantastic!!! My fav. Adventure game in the world. Its got fab. environments, graphics and story line.

Orson gave it a 9:
Es un juego estupendo. No entiendo las puntuaciones de los críticos. Empezando con la musica que es acojonante y terminando por el entorno grafico, que es ENORME y detallado. Solo peta un poco en el agua. La historia es totalmente alineal, no se de que se quejan los criticos, si es lineal te dicen que podia ser mas profunda y si no que hay veces que no sabes que hacer. En este juego tu decides que hacer, donde ir y cuando (hay tanta libertad que hay veces que no sabes bien donde ir). Un juego fantastico.

Hannele O. gave it a 9:
I really love the game, specially because it´so hard to figure out where to go next, when there is just not enough information... Now I´m in a point that I have to let it rest for a while, because I really can`t find the next world... Maybe one day...!!??

Andrew B. gave it an 8:
I really liked it at first, though I got tired of it. After awhile, when I couldn't figure out how to do something, I put it off to the side. I'll probably pick it up again later when I have nothing else to do. It really isn't as bad as the ratings say, however. Though there are some problems.

Chuck F. gave it a 9:
Really cool game, buy the book you'll love it. Don't buy the book you'll wish you could jump off a cliff.

Don W. gave it a 10:
Because of this game.. I will never believe reviews again! A truly incredible experience, mindbending puzzles, astronomically huge environments..with the most clever environmental design I have ever seen..This BEAT zelda for me. If you liked Soul Reaver, Zelda, Shadowman, Mario short. any title where exploration, puzzles..and building up your character's abilities is the Have to play this game! I'm betting most of these reviewers only played the demo. there are easily 40 hours of game play here and I could not put it down. Be warned..if you don't like hard games.. this is NOT for you.

Ivy G. gave it a 10:
I wasn't an avid game player. Now I play the game with most of my spare time. And I like how you need to think and work things out.

Garrett O. gave it a 10:
Despite what everyone else thinks, no one was ready for a game that was long and difficult. Most of the people who had anything to say about this game probably didn't even play the game all the way through. I think everyone jumped on the bandwagon, and said "it sucks" when it was one of the best games for the XBOX.

Liz L. gave it a 10:

Jaly A. gave it a 5:
Very very boring.

Look at those awesome user comments. (Well, the first and last guy weren't too hot on the game...) I didn't write a single one of them! (In fact, I never wrote a phony user comment. How tacky would that be? Although I'm sure developers do it all the time.)

Man... if only our marketing guy at Microsoft had worked in the game business before and knew how to talk the talk. Instead, we got some guy that used to sell Haynes Sportswear. I kid you not. What a pisser. (Yes, I am still annoyed after all this time. I, and the team, worked hard on that game.)